Campaign Automation Tools for Small Businesses in South Africa

Published Sep 02, 21
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Email Marketing Automation Platforms for Small Businesses in Northern Cape ZAF

Compare the best marketing automation software Which marketing automation software is right for your business? Best marketing automation software by company size 5 common marketing automation feature sets While marketing automation tools can vary greatly with customization, integration, and personalization, common features do exist for marketing automation tools for a variety of processes (Marketing Automation Campaign).

Email marketing automation Email is one of the oldest forms of digital communication, and it remains extremely effective. Although consumers have grown somewhat jaded to email marketing due to spam, email remains one of the most effective means of communicating with your audience. This makes it an excellent starting place for marketing automation.

Advanced platforms automatically send emails after prospects take desired actions, like filling out a form or downloading a piece of content. Marketers can also use these tools to create, edit, and embed forms on their website for lead generation and email outreach (Sales Automation Tools). The features below are common in most marketing automation solutions.

And as a key benefit, one Mail, Chimp study found that segmented campaigns had a 23 percent higher open rate than non-segmented campaigns. Behavioral trigger emails A behavioral trigger email sends designated content to prospects if they take an action on your site such as downloading content or completing a form if they’ve given an email address or are logged in - Social Media Marketing Automation.

Automation Software for Small Businesses around Northern Cape

Mobile Optimization Most people check email on their phone, so ensuring that your email content is readable and just as eye-catching on a phone as it is on desktop is essential. Best Crm Campaigns. Most email and MA tools have made the switch to mobile optimization, letting you view an email in mobile and desktop view before sending.

Teams often use split testing to find the best subject line, content, design, send time, or to test pretty much any element of the email you can change. 2. Lead nurturing Lead nurturing is a feature offered by some of the best marketing automation software tools. It helps companies track, segment, and communicate with leads in order to convert them from a prospect to a paying customer.

Drip Campaigns The main form of nurturing new leads toward a sale, drip campaigns send content to prospects to build trust in your organization, expand brand awareness, and offer right-time content. Set up a drip campaign by choosing the content pieces that move leads through the funnel, and the drip campaign will send that content to the lead based on time, lead actions, or other triggers - Best Email Automation Software.

The best drip campaigns are set up as a logical progression from one action to the next. Did your prospect download a content asset from your website? The next step in the drip campaign is to follow up with an offer regarding that type of product, or with even more content about that same technology.

Marketing Automation Software for Small Businesses in Northern Cape ZAF

A high lead score often indicates buying intention, which can help your sales team determine what type of offer to make. Also read: 2019 Top 5 Marketing Software for Automation, Email, and Social Marketing Standalone social media applications like Hootsuite and Buffer could be considered marketing automation tools, but they don’t offer as much functionality as full marketing automation software.

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Other features allow you to schedule your posts in advance and track what your audience posts across social platforms as well as who shares your content and with whom they share it. Using features built into the MA software, you can engage your audience by creating polls, sweepstakes, and referral programs.

Posting and scheduling Marketing automation software that includes social media management primarily helps teams post to all of their social media accounts from a single interface. These tools often have scheduling features where teams can set up posts weeks and months in advance, saving time. Social media marketing isn’t just about posting into the void and hoping that you’ll catch a prospect with your amazing content (although that’s part of it).

This has come a long way since the days of using gut feeling to know when a lead should be passed to sales. By aggregating data from across your marketing efforts, you can get a clearer picture of your funnels and the success of your campaigns. That includes providing insight into: Which types of content nurtures or closes leads Which types of content hold your leads back from buying or progressing down your funnel Where leads fall out of the funnel most quickly When your team should act quickly on hot leads to close the deal Most marketing automation tools will provide visual dashboards of aggregated lead data and funnel visualizations to help your team better understand your lead funnels and find the bottlenecks.

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